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How to gain muscle mass

You can put maximum effort in training, spend hours lifting weights and tens of thousands of rubles on developing exercise programs, but without proper nutrition muscle mass will grow slower, the body will cope worse with the loads, there will be problems with health. Let’s try to answer the question that interests any athlete: how to gain muscle mass safely for health? 

Changing the diet 

If you ask an experienced coach how to gain mass at home, the answer will be one – start eating right. Stake on increasing the number of incoming calories and balance. Here everything is individual – for some people the growth of calories by 15% is enough, others will have to increase the amount of calories by one and a half or two times. If you want to accelerate fat burning, use https://farma-shop.best/xenical-120-mg. Here are general tips for improving your eating system: 

  1. Consume more protein products. Focus on poultry, seafood, fish, and nuts. It is important to have as few saturated refractory (animal origin) and trans fats (fast food, pastries – anything made with margarine) in your food intake as possible. But unsaturated fats should be more. To do this, include olive oil, rapeseed oil, and peanut oil in your diet. 
  2. A good choice would be legumes – beans, chickpeas. Many people like lentils. But it is not recommended to use soybeans, especially for women. Boiled eggs also help with weight gain – pros eat at least six eggs a day. 
  3. Do not forget about complex carbohydrates. Lean meat is excellent with different cereals – from rice and buckwheat to corn and barley. Add black bread, pasta, and vegetables (preferably without starch) to your diet. Fruits are also necessary for athletes, but only if they are low in sugar. 
  4. Always keep track of calories. It is better to have a table in which you write down how much you consume and spend each day. 

Sport supplements for gaining weight 

In some cases, in order to get the amount of protein needed for muscle growth, an athlete needs to eat too much protein food. Sports nutrition allows you not to torture yourself and provide the necessary surplus. Sports nutrition supplies the necessary substances to the body in a pure form in a concentrated form. If you want to get quality results, it makes sense to start using steroids or growth hormone. For example, you can take a closer look at this drug https://farma-shop.best/saizen-24iu. That way you can quickly develop and build muscle mass.

How to train so that the muscles grow? 

Even if you have already bought yourself sports nutrition for gaining mass and adjusted your diet, you can not do without training and balanced loads. Here are some simple exercises that should be included in the complex of activities.

  • Bench Press. One of the favorite exercises of athletes, which gives a load on the muscles of the chest and arms. It is performed simply – a person lies down on a bench, legs bent at the knees, feet resting on the floor. 
  • Squat with a barbell. To get a harmonious figure, the legs will have to be pumped in any case. The squat is the simplest exercise for this. The bar is thrown over the shoulders, the legs are bent. 
  • Deadlift. Helps engage the most muscles in the athlete’s body. Performed simply, we take the bar in the outstretched in front of us and slightly bent arms and begin to squat. 

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