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Portrait of a pet

If you have a dog or other pet, your smartphone gallery is probably filled with images of them. Photos are good memories to look back on and can be shared with friends and family on Instagram. Why not take it one step further and turn them into stylish art and wall decor for the home? With one or more photos of a dog, artists create paintings, masterpieces that can be framed. Pet portraits are a great way to show how important a pet is to your family. If you’re wondering what to get your dog or its owner, a pet portrait is a versatile option.

Why order a pet portrait

Pets are loved by everyone: adults, children, and family friends. They make life brighter, richer, and the house cozier. Portrait of a dog to order will allow you to decorate your apartment, add a highlight to the interior design.

You can order:

  • Portraits of animals in Renaissance style clothing or other historical eras;
  • Figures of cats or dogs dressed as popular characters from TV series, movies, cartoons, etc;
  • Minimalist paintings which will not catch the eye, but will make the interior more interesting;
  • Art of animals dressed up as astronauts, doctors, police officers, etc.

If you have several pets, you can put them in one picture. If you want, you can make a composition where the owner of the pet is depicted with him. A picture of a dog will be a bright and colorful piece of decor. It fits perfectly into any design: from loft and modern to modern minimalist style. The main thing is to choose the right image for your pet.

To create a piece of art, you only need a high-quality photo of your dog or other pet. A specialized company https://artinasec.com/ makes portraits of animals of any kind. Photos can be sent on the website. You also need to choose the image (costume) in which you want to portray the pet in the picture. The skill of professional artists is used to create an animal portrait. First, a preliminary layout is made, which can be adjusted as desired by the customer. It takes an average of 4-6 days to prepare a drawing. You will get a picture of a dog painted on a quality canvas.

If you want to create a painting that represents your love for your pet, it makes sense to look into such portraits. This can often be a great solution if you want to choose a gift for someone who loves their dog or cat. Fortunately, there are now special companies that are willing to help you with this issue. So just use these special services.

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