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Treatment of Acidic Stomach

Acidity is the specific level of hydrochloric acid that the gastric tract contains. The production of acid in the stomach is assisted by special glands that are located on the mucous membrane of this digestive organ. When there is a malfunction in the activity of the glands, there is an increase or decrease in the level of acidity. When acidity is reduced, medications that can increase it are needed. As for the elevated level, appropriate medications are needed to reduce acidity, as well as folk remedies. Treatment is chosen depending on the cause of the pathology.  As a rule, such a symptom is provoked by diseases of a gastroenterological nature. In addition to pathologies, other adverse factors can also influence the increase in acidity. This can occur due to overeating, improper and irrational diet.

Clinical picture

Every third person is familiar with symptoms indicating a high level of acidity. Excess hydrochloric acid penetrating the esophagus can strongly irritate the mucous membrane, resulting in burning and heartburn. A characteristic sign of this condition is a bitter, sour belching. Basically, this symptomatology occurs against the background of improper diet, regular overeating, abuse of sweet, spicy, fatty foods. If you are looking for specific medications, you can use this option https://farma-shop.best/prevacid-lansoprazole.

Acid entering the duodenum provokes a nagging, intense painful sensation. Patients who are hyperacid have trouble emptying their bowels properly. Bloating, nausea, an unpleasant taste in the mouth, and heaviness in the abdomen are observed. If the acid disorder is rare, it is probably not a sign of pathology and does not need to be treated. If, however, the syndrome is regular and has a persistent basis, it is important to take steps to reduce acidity. Otherwise, gastrointestinal diseases such as gastritis, ulcers may appear.

On the functioning of the digestive system have a detrimental effect frequent snacking on the go, abuse of fast food. Alcoholic drinks, strong tea and coffee, smoking can also provoke an increase in acidity. The most common causes are stress, neurosis, avitaminosis, as well as long-term use of certain medications.

Medication therapy

To choose special remedies and pills that reduce the acidity of the stomach, will help the attending doctor. You should not self-medicate, as it can be destructive to the gastrointestinal tract. Drugs that reduce acidity in the stomach should be safe and effective. You can take the following medications that reduce acidity in the stomach.


They quickly reduce the acidity of the stomach. However, they should not be taken for a long time, otherwise there will be a hormonal failure.


Antacids can reduce acidity. Drugs neutralize the influence of hydrochloric acid. These drugs can be replaced by kaolin, chalk and even baking soda due to their similar composition. To get rid of discomfort, discomfort in the stomach will help such means as https://farma-shop.best/nexium-esomeprazole. You can take additional medications, as they actively fight against increased acidity. This promotes the rapid passage of food into the intestines, stops the painful sensations and eliminates discomfort.

As for enzyme remedies, such drugs neutralize heartburn, painful sensations and heaviness in the stomach, help to restore the damaged mucous membrane. You should not forget about other effective remedies. They envelop the gastrointestinal mucosa, thereby preventing detrimental effects. Doctors recommend adhering to a combined treatment. In addition to medications, diet therapy and special medicinal plants cope with acidity.

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