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Andropen and its features of reception in bodybuilding

Andropen 275 (Andropen) from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals is a powerful drug of anabolic and androgenic nature.

This is a mixture of testosterone esters, which provides the steroid with a long-lasting effect due to the uniform, alternating flow of testosterone detached from the corresponding ester into the blood.

Ether is a hydrocarbon chain that attaches to an anabolic steroid molecule to give it specific characteristics: time of entry into the bloodstream and deposition. Esters were created to remove the need for frequent injections.

As a result of an injection of an anabolic on an ether basis, a kind of oil depot is formed at the injection site, which gradually supplies (the rate of release of the active substance into the blood is characterized by the half-life of the ether) the blood with a steroid.

Esters combined in Andropen 275 with different half-lives allow for a continuous flow of testosterone into the blood until the end of the action of the latter (deconate).

Andropen benefits

Andropen 275 has many beneficial effects for athletes: from strengthening the immune system and normalizing the nitrogen balance of the body to a pronounced increase in muscle growth and muscle strength. Andropen was developed specifically for sports, and is in great demand in weightlifting, bodybuilding, strength extreme, powerlifting. You can buy Andropen here https://theroids.ws/andropen-300/.

Effects of taking Andropen 275:

Reviews Andropen-275 The maximum increase in muscle mass, which is only possible to achieve with testosterone.

The main actions of the drug

Andropen is a powerful steroid drug. When using it, it is important to adhere to the instructions and not exceed the recommended dose, otherwise side effects may appear.

The drug has the following actions:

  • Increases muscle mass by an average of 5-6 kg in 1 month;
  • Increases endurance;
  • Improves power performance;
  • Reduces pain during exercise;
  • Strengthens ligaments, bone tissue and joints;
  • Normalizes nitrogen balance;
  • The feeling of appetite increases;
  • Gives a charge of vivacity;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • the feeling of motivation increases;
  • Has a positive effect on sex life.

The drug consists of a mixture of five testosterone esters, which differ in half-life. Before taking it, you should know that the concentration of each ether begins to gradually decrease. In acetate after a day, in propionate it decreases after 48 hours, in phenylpropionate – after 4 days, in cypionate – after 8 days, in decanoate – after 12 days.

How to take Andropen:

The course of Andropen lasts up to 6 weeks, the dosage of the drug is from 300 to 600 milligrams per week. The injections are done once a week, which is very convenient. Taking testosterone mix by women is not recommended, because the drug is powerful enough and can cause virilization.

 To gain maximum muscle volume, you can take Andropen together with methandienone, and shortly before the end of the reception, connect stanozolol. Such a scheme will allow you to gain high-quality lean muscle mass and avoid the phenomenon of rollback. It is recommended to use Tamoxifen or Clomid and Gonadotropin as post-cycle therapy.

 Side effects of Andrope:

Like many other steroid medications, andropen can cause side effects. They arise primarily due to exceeding the recommended dose or neglecting the duration of the course. To avoid them, when taking Andropen 275, you should follow the instructions and consult a specialist. In addition, after completing the course, you must choose the right PCT.

One of the main side effects is gynecomastia. Many athletes who are predisposed to this disease face it. Also possible consequences are acne, baldness or, conversely, increased hair growth, increased sweating. Observing the course of admission and correctly selected PCT, side effects do not appear. 

Andropen reviews:

 Most athletes are satisfied with the work of Andropen 275 from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals. It is noted for its powerful anabolic effect, low frequency of side effects, convenience and painlessness of injections, the ability to strengthen the immune system. Reviews of Andropen 275 from steroid practitioners are the best confirmation of its safety and effectiveness.

 There are even some reviews about Andropen 275 left by athletes. They claim to have taken dosages an order of magnitude lower than those recommended for men and have made significant progress in their results.

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