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Happy Marriage

For example, you used Houston date ideas and got married. We all want our marriage to be successful, even if we are going to have it for the fifth time. But is there any way to plan our married life? Is it only by trial and error, which often discourage any desire to live together?

A happy marriage – is any marriage where people can develop together, overcoming crises, helping each other. A marriage is not a cup that can be broken, it is not an object at all, but a living thing. It has its own life and its own laws. And marriage is not as fragile as it may seem. A family develops and goes through a series of natural crises. And it develops regardless of the wishes of the family members. We are trying to preserve the current moment, not to change anything. This is the main contradiction of family life.

If you have serious intentions

First of all a person must understand the value of family life, only then it makes sense to enter into marriage. If he has decided that he wants to live family life, first of all he must analyze the relationships in the family of his parents. To understand what you would like to transfer to your future family and what you want to avoid. And all this must be discussed in detail with your partner, tell each other about your parents’ families, communicate more with his (her) parents. And together discuss everything to the smallest detail: who is responsible for what, who earns, who entertains, who cooks breakfast, takes out the trash can, is the initiator of sexual intercourse.

Often simple things are left unspoken. Man believes that since he got married, he should have a good mistress, to be cleaned, ironed, fed, and at the same time the wife should be nice. And the woman does not agree with this, she wants it to be a union of friends, where the one who cooks has time, and most importantly for her, for example, that they will now have fun together or travel. You can find a partner at date night ideas Houston, but keeping the family together is not easy.

What do you feel?

It’s very important that the young couple constantly discuss what’s going on in their relationship. Some people become afraid of hurting their partner, and resentment builds up until it starts to take chronic forms, turning into rage or contempt. People should tell each other what makes them happy and sad as soon as they have that feeling. But this requires a high level of trust in the couple. Of course, there are very anxious people who may talk about their moods too often. But if there are feelings, people will learn to calm each other down, to put out their anxiety. There can be no normal marriage without a serious feeling that makes it possible to neglect one’s own interests for the sake of the other’s feelings. When you get married, you should think about what you can give to this person, not about what you want to get from him.

Not the first time

Often people get married for the second and third time and face the same problems in all marriages because they unknowingly choose the same kind of partners. We have psychological needs that push us toward certain types of people. In order to change something, it is often enough to understand the situation. If you’re not getting married for the first time, you have to remember that there are no psychological divorces. Traces of past relationships do not go away. For example, a woman’s first husband was stingy. And, going to the store with her second husband, she will check him out, ask him to buy something, and if he says, “No, I will not buy you such crap, I would rather buy you something else” – then she will only hear the first word. Treat it more consciously, and the results will be great.

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