Carnegie Mellon students often use cafeteria trays as sleds during snowy winter nights. Common spots for “traying” include the tiered hillside next to the tennis courts and Flagstaff Hill in Schenley Park.

The Kiltie Band

Carnegie Mellon’s Kiltie Band, dressed in full Scottish regalia including kilts and knee socks, performs during every home football game. The band made its first public appearance on founder Andrew Carnegie’s birthday, Nov. 25, 1922, at old Forbes Field where Carnegie Tech hosted the University of Notre Dame.

The Buggy Races

The buggy races, the highlight of each year’s Spring Carnival, began in 1920 as the “pushmobile races” of Campus Week. Buggies–aerodynamic cylinders designed and built by student groups during the year–are pushed and driven through and around campus over a course measuring more than 4,400 feet. Over the years, buggy has become much more than just a race. It’s a passion.

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