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Buy Trenbolone Mix

Trenbolone Mix is a mixture of three esters of trenbolone – the most powerful steroid that can be purchased in Ukraine at this time.

Trenbolone , in the form of esters of acetate, enanthate and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate , is dissolved in an oil solution in equal proportions.

50 mg each . for each ether, which in total is 150 mg of active ingredient per 1 ml of the drug.  

Actually, the steroid Trenbolone itself – Tri Tren from the joint venture, can hardly be called a novelty. It was first synthesized in the 60s of the last century.  

The primary purpose of this anabolic was to increase the mass of livestock in a short time. Later, trenbolone migrated to bodybuilding, where it is especially valued for its combination of performance characteristics, which we will consider in more detail below. 

Description of Mix Trenbolone

The idea of ​​creating a composite (multi-component) steroid is not new.

The principle of combining short and long-lived esters in one preparation is successfully applied in Sustanon. 

The start of production of Trenbolone Mix 150 falls on 2004. And even after 10 years, the power of this steroid is amazing!

Why should I buy Trenbolone Mix with?

  • Fast “exit” to “working” steroid concentration in blood plasma due to short and two long esters
  • Long-lasting action, up to two weeks
  • Rapid increase in quality mass
  • Extreme increase in strength
  • Significant reduction in subcutaneous and visceral fat in combination with a sports diet

Trenbolone Mix is a real “monster”. In the ability to grow, in short lines, muscle mass and strength he has no equal.   Information source: https://anabolicmenu.ws/global-anabolic-tren-mix-200/

The anabolic activity of this steroid is five times higher than that of testosterone, and the androgenic activity is 4 times higher!

Trenbolone Mix

A course of trenbolone in the form of a mix of three tren, itself is very powerful. One injection per week is enough to get excellent results. But since trenbolone is mainly used by professional athletes, Trenbolone Mix 150 is often combined with other steroids, mainly testosterones. 

This approach allows you to achieve synergy (mutual enhancement of action) of drugs. In addition, by combining “tren” with testosterones, athletes neutralize some of the side effects (for example, ” trendick “) associated with the progestin activity of this anabolic steroid. 

The use of Trenbolone Mix SP is not recommended for beginners.

The prerogative to use Trenbolones belongs to professional athletes and experienced amateurs, who have more than one or two courses behind them. After all, the rule is that the more powerful the steroid, the greater the likelihood of side effects has not been canceled.

But if you have a strong desire to try this steroid, you should follow our recommendations in order to avoid side effects.

For recommendations, you can read the main article on Trenbolone.

Based on sports practice, “working” dosages of this “king of androgens and anabolic steroids” start at 150 mg. per week, ending 300-400 mg. With increasing dosage directly -n roportsionalno increases the risk of side effects.   

In order to avoid the so-called “steroid pits”, the trenbolone mix can be put on every three days.


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