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How to win every pistol round in CS:GO

In every CS:GO match, you must play at least two pistol rounds: one for the defensive side and one for the offensive side. However, the pistol game doesn’t end there. Very often teams have to play economic rounds with pistols, and when you run out of ammo or play with an AWP, the pistol is often your best friend. In today’s guide, we’ll give you five tips on how to improve your pistol shooting. If you want to buy case csgo, you should use special sites.

One of the main aspects of pistol shooting is the proper stance. Especially stance matters when you are trying to knock your opponent out of the plant, such as when retaking. It is very important to come at your opponent from a place where you won’t get a guaranteed headshot. If you’re playing with a friend or a normal teammate try to get them to Flashbang you for the exit. Also, try to choose positions from which you can provide crossfire or manage to get away safely. The key feature of pistol rounds is more time, which means that you and your teammates should try to confuse your opponents by shooting at them from different angles.

Careful play for CT

Most players buy armor in the pistol round instead of other weapons. This is indeed justified, as armor gives players a serious advantage, and the USP and Glock-18 are not the worst pistols in the game. However, you need to know how to use your weapon’s potential properly. 

USP is a very powerful weapon because it allows you to kill your opponent in the head even from a long distance. So in most cases, your main task for the defense side is to try to find the enemy’s head and escape. Don’t try to get close to your enemies who are attacking you, but rather choose a position from which you can easily kill your opponent in the head and, if that fails, run away.

Rush mid

Don’t forget your tactical considerations, because pistol rounds in CS:GO don’t just depend on good headshots. In the pistol round, the terrorists have a slight tactical advantage, because they can take over faster due to the lack of grenades from the counter-terrorists. Therefore, the defense side needs to try to make non-trivial decisions. 

Professional teams are not squeamish about pushing in the middle, because this tactic allows you to pick up the enemy, as well as figure out which way the terrorists have turned their attack. With this information, you can easily displace. If you rush mid by yourself, your main goal is not so much to make frags, as to get information about the enemy’s movements.

The difference in weapons

Playing the pistol round, you need to know exactly what your weapon is capable of. This determines the shooting tactics you should choose. For example, if you have the USP, then you can safely play at long distances because you have enough one shot to hit the head. So you need to shoot the USP not a lot, but accurately. Also, don’t forget that the USP only has 36 rounds of ammunition. 

With the Glock-18, the tactic is exactly the opposite. The terrorist pistol has a large number of bullets in the magazine and a large supply of ammunition, so you can safely push enemies with a large number of shots. Also, remember that Glock-18 kills with only two shots to the head, so you should not relax if you are sure that you have hit the enemy in the head.


Perhaps the top tip for all CS:GO beginners who want to learn how to shoot pistols well is don’t standstill. This is the most popular mistake among beginner players, who put themselves in a position where they earn a headshot themselves by trying to take a headshot. In order to shoot pistols well, you need to learn how to move properly. You can find many interesting items and add skins to your pistols here https://csgo.net/upgrade.

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