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How to get the favor of the Instagram algorithm

The Instagram algorithm has a complex model for selecting interesting content for users that takes many factors into account. It’s almost impossible to fool the algorithm, as it improves and updates itself every second, trying to detect fake activity and other machinations to increase rankings. But it is still possible to earn the favor of the algorithm and increase your chances of ranking high, even if you are going to buy instagram followers. We’ll share some basic tips on how to do it.

Choose the best time to post

Instagram prioritizes the most relevant and fresh posts. So if you post when your audience is asleep or busy at work, chances are your post will get lost among the more recent posts that appeared closer to their online time. You can use the built-in Instagram Insights, available for business profiles, to determine the best time to post. One of the points it reflects is the hours of the greatest activity for your audience. It’s recommended that you publish content during these times.

Work on engagement

Try to engage your subscribers in your posts as much as possible, because the more likes and comments you get from them, the more often your publications will appear in their feed. Some of the most effective ways to engage users are contests and interactive with prizes. Possible options:

  • Sign up to enter a drawing.
  • Leave a recommendation or tag a friend.
  • Give a gift for reposting.
  • Tell your story.

Drawings are recommended every few months. You can organize them yourself, or participate as a sponsor in collective Giveaways.

Use Videos

Photos tend to get more likes, but videos get more comments. Users also spend more time watching videos on average, which has a positive impact on engagement. In addition, the popularity of this type of content has increased by more than 40% in the past six months.

Use user-generated content

People trust opinion leaders more than brands. Not surprisingly, authentic and sincere user-generated content attracts far more attention than brand stories about product benefits. Try to motivate users to create content, such as creative contests, discounts for honest reviews and reviews, and promotions. Publish the collected user-generated content on your page, thereby increasing user loyalty and engagement.

Don’t forget about Stories

Users have long appreciated the short video chip, but many companies are still reluctant to adopt Stories for some reason. At the same time, it’s the perfect type of publication to remind yourself and showcase content that can’t be included in the main feed concept.

Do live-streaming

Popular bloggers host live streams several times a week, and there are several reasons for this. First, this type of content allows you to increase the engagement rate on your account, which is known to have a positive effect on rankings. Secondly, live-streaming allows you to gain the trust of users and build friendships with them.

Use advertising

Advertising allows you to increase organic coverage, to declare yourself to the target audience. It is recommended to advertise those posts that have gained the most popularity among your subscribers. If these posts interested your followers, then surely other users will also like them.

Quality, not quantity

It’s better to publish one quality post instead of 20 mediocre ones. Quality should be paramount, otherwise the profile will seem gray and will get boring very quickly. At the same time do not disappear from the radar for a long time, otherwise users might simply forget about your existence. So you can get more followers on instagram free.

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