Сombustiblefruit News Information in bio, hashtags and other Instagram tips

Information in bio, hashtags and other Instagram tips

Bio information is in the account above publications. In this place, put a direct link to your site. This page should be as simple as writing your brand. Be sure to tell us who you are and what you offer, but as simple and clear as possible. Bio information do not copy from your site, but better write something interesting and unique. Remember that in the Instagram people have a different mood, so it is better to create such information taking into account the interests of the target audience. Be sure to make a link to your site or selling pages. More information on this Source.

It is not always reasonable to leave a link to the main page of the site, sometimes it is better to leave a link to a page specially sharpened for the Instagram audience. You can also link to your photo gallery, blog or other pages that are more appropriate for your audience. For example, Louis Vuitton has sharpened a special page for Instagram subscribers. They get straight to the photo and video gallery that matches the content in their profile. The same content is made in order to move to a page on the site where it is easier to sell the product.

The hashtags are your friends

The hashtags show high involvement in Instagram. If you want to increase visibility, make sure you use hashtags. Look for new popular hashtags in your industry. Add them to your publications. Hashtags don’t have to match your brand, but they have to be relevant to your industry. Once you find a new popular hashtag, add it to your campaigns to find new subscribers. The most interesting thing: 7 out of 10 hashtags are brand links. So create your own hashtags to get more involved in your profile. It’s best to combine branded hashtags with hashtags that are relevant to your topic. Also analyze hashtags of your successful competitors, steal cool ideas. Also add regionally linked hashtags to help promote your regional business.

Show where you are

Instagram has created a convenient function called geo-tagging. With the help of geo-tagging you can specify the exact location of your business. For multi-regional businesses, you can specify several locations. This helps to promote in several regions. Geotags show on the map the location of your content creation – photo or video. The data is taken from your phone if you have the option to save the location with the exact coordinates enabled. This only works if you have allowed Instagram to publish this data.

Events in your area are of interest to locals and those planning to come to enjoy these events as well. Marketers at Instagram link interesting events with their brands. Initially, let’s figure out how to set them up, and then move on to attracting an audience. There are two geotag filters that help promote your campaign.

  1. Set up your Facebook account with the physical location of your store. Create and promote new publications related to your brand on Facebook. Instagram picks up this data and shows it in an organic search.
  2. Add geodata to your stickers in Instagram’s stories, but only after you have set it up on Facebook.

You know how to set it up, now let’s move on to attracting an audience. People are always looking for businesses, trends, influential people, events at Instagram. Interestingly, almost a quarter of influential people believe that Instagram is the best place to build an impact strategy. This is mainly due to its ease of use, which is appreciated by the audience. At the same time, the audience of social media wants to see only content interesting for them in the search and on their board. You can also learn answers from Quora to get more useful information.

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