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Do you need IT consulting?

You might have heard something about IT outsourcing but what is IT consulting? Simply put, this is a way to get high-quality expertise from professional IT companies. IT outsourcing provides a third-party team for your projects and IT consulting provides managing, optimization and maintenance of your current systems. Often Managed Service Providers (MSP) provide IT consulting and outsourcing, so you can get the consultation and then order some services if you need it.

What you can get from IT consulting?

MSPs have in-depth expertise and wide experience in different IT directions. You can receive consultation for optimizing current systems, for starting new projects, etc.

IT consulting services include the following:

  • Assessment and optimization. You can get an assessment of current infrastructure, finding bottlenecks and creating the strategy of infrastructure optimization and improvement.
  • Consulting about specific IT services. You can get a consultation on how to start a new project in your company, understand risks, feasibility, viability, profitability and make a plan for further work.
  • Consulting for startups. Startups always need advice and consultation from experienced companies. IT consulting company can help to make Proof of Concept for investors, advice on how to make Minimum Viable Product and how to attract investors.
  • Security consulting. All the companies have sensitive data, so you might need a consultation about proper data storing and protection.
  • Consulting about cloud migration. A lot of companies want to move the system to the cloud and it’s important to understand possible risks and expediency of this process. IT consulting company can assess your current infrastructure and decide, how expensive will be migration and o you need it at all.
  • Implementation of new technologies and approaches. As a cloud migration, implementation of DevOps, for example, can be very risky, so you need to ask professionals, do you really need these changes and how difficult it will be for your company.
  • The hiring of IT specialists. You might don’t understand who exactly you need for the project or how much talents you need to hire for realizing your idea. A consulting company can ask for your questions about IT recruiting and hiring. They also can make an interview for you and assess the hard skills of a specialist. 

These are a small part of IT consulting services. The consulting company usually has an answer almost for any of your questions and can solve almost any problem. As we said above, often consulting companies provide services too. So, you can get a consultation, understand what you need for your project and hire a dedicated team or single specialist for your project. This will save you lots of time.

How to find an IT consulting company?

The last question for today is how and where to find a reliable IT consulting company? Fortunately, the IT outsourcing and consulting market is quite big, so you have a big choice. You should find a special platform like Goodfirms of Clutch and look for your future contractor here. Such platforms have a lot of ratings and reviews from previous customers. You can sort companies by specialization, location, rating and other parameters. You also can visit the website of the chosen company and look for case studies, maybe this company already has an experience you need. The last step is an interview with the chosen company. You can ask important questions and talk about your problem with the future contractor. During the call, you’ll understand, is this company you look for or no. In any case, a reliable IT consulting company is a great decision, so good luck in your searches.

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