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Spousal rings

Wedding rings symbolize unity, continuity and eternity – everyone knows that. The tradition of wedding rings goes all the way back to antiquity, before the Christian faith. Over the millennia, many beliefs and symbols have accumulated that are associated with the wedding ring. What kind of rings the couple couple chooses when getting married: exclusive or traditional wedding bands, thin, almost weightless or massive, with or without stones, says about their subconscious attitude to marriage and to each other.

It is not without reason that the classics ranked diamonds as the “speaking” stones; indeed, the silent stone “tells” a lot about its owner and is able to express even more in the engagement ring. This is fully applicable to all jewelry without exception.

What do engagement rings “speak” about?

So, first of all, the rings are an attitude towards marriage and the future spouse. Classic, in the form of a not wide smooth ring, undoubtedly means the stability of the relationship. Spouses are looking for a calm measured life, fidelity and loyalty. It’s worth noting that such timeless values are mostly carried through the years by the spouses. As in every rule, there are exceptions – when the measured life turns into a routine and causes boredom in one of the spouses.

Exquisite exclusive wedding rings “speak” a lot. First, the original design demonstrates that the future owner means a lot to his or her chosen one. Wedding rings have an additional meaning depending on what stones are included in the design.

Gemology, the science that reveals the natural properties of a stone, is very much in touch with astrology and the signs of the zodiac. Precious and semi-precious stones in an incomprehensible way can enhance the innate qualities of the wearer, up to the influence on his health and even on his destiny.

One can learn what kind of stones are preferable from the recommendations or warnings that have been worked out for centuries. When choosing an exclusive engagement ring, decorated with a whole bunch of stones, you should know beforehand what exactly is included in the setting. However, exclusive engagement rings may be massive and without precious stones. Such rings have an exquisite form combining different precious metals; gold, platinum or silver.

Generally speaking, massive engagement rings indicate a desire to firmly “ring” a partner. The intuitive desire to hold on to your beloved is directly proportional to the weight of the precious ring. You can find great rings at luxurydiamonds.ca.

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